Mir means “space” in Russian. As in a space to hang out in. And that is the idea of MIR club. But in a vey exclusive way.

Sagrado, Moscow’s biggest club owner, the makers of ICON, Gipsy, Space or Artel Bessonnitza, starts the Mir Club project in November and apparently it is going to be a SUPER CLUB. Mir Club also features a banquet hall and exclusive apartments.
Mir club will be located on the hip and upcoming Tsvetnoi Boulevard, just next to the old Circus.

Mir club is a two-level building of 1 500 square meters. Its interior design consists of bright colors with wooden, glass and gold details and elements. All the materials come from the best suppliers. The venue has much space, looks elegant and is definitely convinient; the main hall seems to be infinite.

Everything is done to comfort the guests: The stage is visible from everywhere, nothing disturbs the view, perfect sound and light systems, and very expensive furniture.

Rumor is, that the entire project costs 24 million USD and with that it is probably the most expensive club project in Moscow’s history.

Unfortunately the Mir club opening is delayed, due to construction delays, but its projected to be by the end of October or in November. Before there will probably be a series of pre-openings to test the venue and its new team.

Stay tuned! We will keep you updated and invite you to the pre-openings, once they are set.

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Written by Chris Helmbrecht

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