The neighbors on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa are saying, that the all famous SIBERIA will close by the end of the year. Only conjectures are floating around, about the reason and we won’t speculate on it. We haven’t received a confirmation from Siberia itself neither, so its all speculation and rumors.

For the past years Sibiria (we wrote it wrong on purpose, so you can find this article, even when you mispelled its name) has been the most exclusive hangout for politicians, VIP’s and Moscows rich, famous & beautiful. The club features Russian pop music and commercial Russian house. Each weekend night, there are DJs and there is a live performance but a Russian star(let). The venue also features an upstairs restaurant, where they serve excellent food and there is usually also live music, during the weekend pre-party times. And of course there are plenty of tall beautidul Russian ladies. The venue is also great, just to go for the “people watch”.

Unfortunately the club has a very strong door policy and dress-code requirements. Please write us and we will give you a briefing prior your visit. Entering the club without a table reservation is nearly impossible, if you don’t belong to its community and scene. Even getting a good table there is hard, but we can work it out for you.

Don’t wait to book your table at Siberia! But, let us warn you. A six people table in this very exclusive venue, costs about 130 000 Rub and its NOT a deposit. You’ll get a bottle of Dom Pérignon with it, though…

To make a table reservation at Siberia Moscow or any other club, bar or restaurant in Moscow, please click on the link below or contact uy by WhatsApp.

Want to make a reservation? BOOK NOW! 
Call, sms or write us on WhatsApp: +7 985 114 9695 in English and German.

Written by Chris Helmbrecht

DJ. Writer. TV.

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