Moscow is a cosmopolitan metropolis with countless clubs, bars and gentleman clubs.
Which clubs are the best? Where to go? What are  Moscow’s top 10?

The scene of the good & glam clubs is thinning out. During the past years some of Moscow’s oldest and most popular venues have closed down for various reasons.
Among these are Krysha Mira, So-Ho Rooms and Space. Rumor is, that Motel Bar and Siberia are also closing in 2017.

So, what is left? Who is among our Moscow’s Top 10?

Here is our rundown of Moscow’s top 10 venues and it is based on our personal opinion and the feedback we receive from our clients / guests of

This list is totally subjective. Feel free to add your opinion and recommendations in the comment section below.

Moscow’s Top 10
1. Duran-Bar
2. Artel Bessonnitsa
3. Mendeleev Bar
4. Icon
5. Siberia
6. Jagger
7. Kvartira (members only!)
8. Propaganda
9. Simachevs Bar
10. Rodnya (best underground venue)

Best Bars:
1.Mendeleev Bar
2. Suzuran Bar
3. Noor Bar
3. Berlin Bar
4. Antikvariat
5. Klava
6. Time Out Bar
7. O2 Lounge
8. Looch
9. Level Two
10. City Space Bar

Best Afterhour in Moscow:
1. Gazgolder
2. Artel Bessonnitsa / Bessonnitza
3. Chateau de Fantomas (during summer)
4. Garage Club
5. Mix Club
6. Rodnya (if open)
7. Dissident

And here are the top 3 gentleman clubs of Moscow:
1. Hunters
2. Loft
3. Penthouse

Best Underground venues:
1. Rodnya
2. Squat 3/4
3. Suzuran Bar
4. Rabica
5. Propaganda

As for restaurants we will not give a priority, but list (unrated / unordered) the current top venues (in our opinion):
Sixty, Ruski, Pushkin Cafe, Aisd, Antiquariat (members only), White Rabbit, Selfies, Fumisawa Sushi, Nobu, 8 Oz. (Gorky Park), Chez Maman, Chicago Prime, Uilliams, Torro Grill, Bolshoi, Turandot, La Bottega Siciliana, Metropol Hall, Balzi Rossi, China Club…

We ate at all of them and can recommend any of the above. Some of them have a better view (high above Moscow’s skyline). Others have a sense of glam or old Russian style.

Again, write us, if you feel we have forgotten a place. Or maybe you know something of new…

Written by Chris Helmbrecht

DJ. Writer. TV.

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