Duran Bar inside
Duran Bar inside

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During the weekends Duran Bar gets packed with lots of beautiful women and the Russian elite. “Face control”, the clubs door policy is very strict, but you should understand, its a place where Moscows rich & beautiful hang out. You shouldn’t go there in sneakers and respect their dresscode. One of the makers of this great club, is Russias most famous doorman “Pasha Face Control”.

To avoid problems at the door you can book a table, which usually guarantees the entry. In Moscow, the clubs use a deposit system for table bookings. You need to make a pre-payment (a deposit) and after you can sit on the table all night long and use your deposit for drinks and food. Tables at Duran Bar used to cost about 2000 Euros before the collapse of the Russian rubel. Today it’s much cheaper, especially for foreigners who think in USD or EUR. Table deposits start at about 40 000 Rub ($ 670). There are tables in different areas and sizes (4-15 people sitting space).

Write or call us (WhatsApp) to get the quote or book your table at Duran Bar in Moscow. It’s defiantly worth going there, for the party, the cocktails and the people watch.

Duran Bar can be called one of the best clubs in Moscow and you will definitely find what are you looking for. Nice people, cool music, very good cocktails. Also, Duran is located in the “Manufactura”, where there are a lot of other venues.  You can start your night journey there or you can finish your party in Duran Bar.

A tip. If you can’t get into Duran Bar, try “Jagger Bar” just a 3 min walk from it, where there is always a good vibe and the door policy a bit more relaxed. And if you want to continue from Duran Bar to a propper aftehour party, the top secret (and closed to the public) “Kvartira” is not far. We can open the door and get you a table there as well. Write us!

BOOK your table at Duran Bar NOW!

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