One of Moscow’s most famous and popular bars went up in flames during their New Years Evening celebration. At around 2:00 am in the morning Kianu Bar all over sudden stood in flames. The fire spread so fast, that guests and personal of Kianu broke the main windows to be able to get out. Some of the guests said, that it was unbelievable, how fast the fire developed inside the bar. The bar is very tiny and holds a maximum of around 30-40 people.

No one was insured, but the interior of the bar is destroyed. The cause of the fire isn’t sure, yet. It could have been some electrical wiring or a faulty appliance. Firefighters arrived at the scene and killed the fire.

The good news is, that the cleanup and re-construction is already done and the bar is open again, as of today! Go by and have a drink or some food to support them!



Written by Chris Helmbrecht

DJ. Writer. TV.

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