What’s hot and why? Where to go clubbing in Moscow? Here are our personal favorite top clubs of Moscow.

SOHO Rooms

The old SOHO Rooms is experiencing a revival these days. Dmitry, the man behind SOHO, repositioned the venue and now its targeted at rich Russians and foreigners alike. They only open the club for special events and hold their parties on the newly renovated and roofed pool terrace. If the weather is fine they can fully open the roof and make it a real open air experience, as it used to be in the early SOHO Rooms days. There are still show elements and concerts, but they concentrate more on DJs and dancers these days. SOHO Rooms is known since more than 10 years for being one of the most exclusive clubs in Moscow. It is always worth a visit. Especially the girls there.

SOHO Rooms new pool terrace. The roof can be opened.

Book your table at SOHO ROOMS Moscow. NOW! or +7 985 114 9695 (WhatsApp, SMS)

Secret Room

Secret Room is a project of the SOHO Rooms family, the makers behind one of the most known clubs in Moscow. While Secret Room was really secret in the beginning, its not really a secret anymore, ha ha. Secret Room Moscow is currently the favorite hangout of the rich & beautiful of Russia (and abroad). The small and cozy place features live concerts of Russian RnB and (commercial) Hip Hop acts. Secret Room is best on … Sunday. Yes, you heard right, Sunday. Everyone, who doesn’t have to work on Monday (and isn’t gay hanging out at Propaganda) is at Secret Room on Sunday. Fridays and Saturdays are a guaranteed blast and we haven’t heard anything negative about Secret Room, yet.

Unfortunately the place is really premium and small, so you can only enter with a table booking. Tables start at around 50 000 Rub and the deposit price goes up with a bigger size or better location of the table.

Book your table at Secret Room Moscow. NOW! or +7 985 114 9695 (WhatsApp, SMS)


Oh yes, this one is really secret and you won’t find much information about it, unless you are a member of their elite community. The unmarked door with a long line of “Want to get ins” will only open for friends & family. Inside expect a small club, looking like an apartment. It features a few couches and tables, an open fire place (on fire during the winter months) and the bar is located in the open kitchen (where else?). Some of Moscows best DJs perform here and you should expect a mix of Deep & Tech House.

Kvartira is the meeting point and hang out of the rich party crowd. The ones, flying by private jet to Ibiza (Fuck the – boring – Cote Azur! Someone told me recently). And of course they are sourrounded by some of the finest looking girls in Russia, if not the world. And I mean it, you can stand next to a real Miss Universe (or an American pornstar) and not even realize it.

The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable. The people are friendly and you’ll soon get into conversations. After all, its a friends & family place and chances are high that you are a friend of a friend. Smoking is allowed, since it is a private member club, closed to the public.

How to get inside of Kvartira? Book a table with us. We can make it work.

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Mendeleev Bar

The venue is 7 years old and you have probably been there, but Mendeleev doesn’t get old. Mike Spirit, Kazantips former Music Minister, is their art director these days. So expect some good mix of deep and tech house. On Wednesdays they usually have a live cover band and on Thursdays a live Jazz band. Mendeleevs Barkeepers are among the best in town, in Russia and probably in the world. The entrance of the speak easy bar surprises and impresses everyone. Firsttime goers usually have a hard time finding the bar, since its entrance is hidden in a Chinese Fast Food Noodle Shop.

Once you go downstairs, you’ll find a very stylish bar, filled with beautiful girls and a mix of bankers and underground folks. Yes, strange mix, but it seems to work for Mendeleev Bar. And there is a big secret about Mendeleev Bar (speaking of secret rooms and private membership clubs). We’ll tell you, if you book a table with us…

Book your table at Mendeleev Bar Moscow. NOW! or +7 985 114 9695 (WhatsApp, SMS)


This is one of the larger places in Moscow and they’ll only open up every other weekend. The Fantomas terrace is huge and has room for more than 1000 people. Everything is pretty basic, but they offer some VIP Zones with nice serviced tables. That also includes easy entrance, since standing in the super big line can be a bitch sometimes. Fantomas works with some of the cities best promoters, especially in the techno and afterhour area. So their events usually start at 21:00 and go unti 18:00 next day, which is Berlin style and the longest you can go in Moscow (if you don’t get tired). The crowd is a mix of underground people, creatives and a few rich guys. The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable, also for foreigners or if you are not in the scene.

Book your table at Secret Room Moscow. NOW! or +7 985 114 9695 (WhatsApp, SMS)


Icon is still one of the largest clubs in Moscow and while not everybodies cup of tea, with its commercial house and Russian pop music, always full and with a good party. Expect a good mix of suburban girls and Foreigners (Expats / Tourists) on the dancefloor, with some rich guys on the tables and in the VIP Room. Icon has a smaller room, which features mashup music and they play commercial house on the main floor. They usually have live concerts and shows in the main room as well. The only annoying thing is the ever talking moderator, but as you may know, this is a typical Russian thing and needed by the crowd. Icon offers an excellent service and the prices are OK, considering that it is such a large and popular club.

Write us for a table special, which is guaranteed below their advertised deposit rate on their website.

Book your table at Icon Club Moscow. NOW! or +7 985 114 9695 (WhatsApp, SMS)


Gaz, as the locals call it, is probably one of the best clubs in town. Always with the finger on the pulse and the best international DJ bookings, if you are into deep & tech house Berlin or Ibiza style. If this is not your thing, Gazgolder is a friendly and comfortable place, where you can easily make new friends. The only downturn is, that it usually only gets busy after 3:00 am in the morning, but then the party lasts until 10:00, 12:00 or sometimes even 16:00 next day.

Gazgolder Moscow is the meeting point of various party crowds and communities. The venue has an incredible soundsystem and 2-3 rooms opened with DJ stages on their own. The main floor usually is a bit more harder with tech and techno, while the DJs on the hidden “veranda” play a bit more deep and groovy. In fact, the veranda is the meeting point of Moscows nightlife people. Wether it be barkeepers, managers or djs after work or the hardcore party people, which just doesn’t want to go home, yet.
The 3rd room is more of a chill-out zone with downbeat music.

Getting to Gazgolder is a bit difficult, since its in a closed factory area, but you can pay an extra 200 Rub to your taxi driver and he will bring you right to the door. You’ll have the same problem, when leaving. Usually the (ordered) taxis wait on either of the 2 factory entrances, which can mean a 5-10 min walk and be annoying after a long party night. Also another tip. Be careful, if you like drugs. The police regularly opens check-points on all streets leading to Gazgolder. They will stop your taxi or even your business calls limo and search you until the underwear. This is no rumor, but happened to me personally already a few times.

Most people don’t know, that you can book tables in Gazgolders VIP area. But expect a hefty price tag with deposits starting from 140 000 and going to 300 000 Rubels.

Book your table at Gazgolder Moscow. NOW! or +7 985 114 9695 (WhatsApp, SMS)

The Gazgolder veranda

Noor Bar

Its also an old venue and I don’t know, who came up with the interior design of that, but it is still popular and always worth a visit. The fashionable and creative types love it. You can meet a Russian movie director or a fashionista there. During the summer, they have a nice open air terrace with music until the early morning. Sometimes the music is a bit experimental and strange, but most of the times they have good music. It can range from Russian retro pop (on Fridays) to Reggea to Deep / Tech House. The bar is excellent but chronically overloaded and you’ll have to wait 20 min or longer for a drink. So our tip for weekends, buy a bottle of wine, which is around 2200 Rub and take that out on the terrace with you. It will save you some time and a headache. Unfortunately NOOR BAR isn’t a partner venue of us and they only sell tables inside the bar.


Oh man, where do I start with this one? Propaganda is one of the oldest existing clubs in Moscow with more than 20 years on its back. Is it good? most of the times. Its, what Russians call, a “democratic” place. Meaning, you are welcome, if you come in casual or trendy clothes, but not if you come in a suit or with a tie. Its not glam and posh, but you’ll find lots of interesting people. On Thursdays, it is still the best party in town, when the legendary “Sanchez” invites his DJ friends and plays himself. Even on Tuesdays you’ll find a bunch of interesting people, when Philla is putting on some soulful house sounds. And of course Sundays is the only legit gay party in Moscow. But, be careful. While the drinks are good and cheap, there are lots of creepy people waiting for you outside and even inside the club. Unfortunately I had a lot of phone stolen in Propaganda over the past 15 years and so did my friends. There is no possibility to book tables in Propaganda. First come. First serve. But you’ll dance anyway.

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