Here are our favorite clubs and bars in autumn 2019. Our personal picks. Moscow Top Nightlife Picks. The top venues in town. This list is compiled by Chris Helmbrecht, who is a known DJ and promoter in Moscow, since more than 16 years.

We are running our concierge service, bachelor party service and table bookings since years and we must know where our clients will find a good party. Today, we are sharing this top-secret information with you, right here, right now.

Lets get started with our Moscow Top Nightlife Picks.

We organized them by day, since you probaly want to know, what is happening on which day.

Monday to Wednesday

A piece of advice upfront. Moscow is rather dead from Monday until Wednesday. You can only enjoy a good cocktail in a lounge or visit a Gentlemen’s club, if that is your thing.


Propaganda is the one of the oldest clubs in town. Our friend Philipp’s night: “Propaganda got Soul” is the secret tip for everyone, who wants to dance to soulful funky house tunes and doesn’t have to work on Wednesday. While this music was living in a niche during the last years, it is having its revival as “future house” these days.

Propaganda Club – 7 Bolshoi Zlatoustinskiy Pereulok – Metro: Kitai Gorod – No table bookings available – Good from midnight!

Moscow Top Nightlife Picks - Propaganda
Inside – PROPAGANDA Got Soul


After the closing of Simachev Bar, the hidden speak easy bar Mendeleev became a popular Wednesday hangout. Usually they feature live music with a cover band or a disco DJ. They have some of the best cocktails in town and you can meet interesting people from all spheres. That, of course, if you can find their entrance, which is hidden in a Chinese Noodle Kitchen.

Mendeleev Bar – Petrovka Ulitsa, 20/1 – Look for the Chinese kitchen “Lucky Noodles”. Mendeleev’s entrance is hidden inside of Lucky Noodles, also if it doesn’t look like this. Good from 22:00 until 02:00 on Wednesdays.

Book your table at Mendleev online!

Garage Club runs its Wednesday RnB nights for the last 20 years. They are not as busy, as they used to be, but from 1:00 in the morning you can still find a crowd and some beautiful girls, dancing to RnB.

Garage Club – Pereulok Brodnikov, 8 – Good from 01:00 on Wednesdays


The Toy is the absolute winner, if you are looking for a posh Russian glam party, filled with beautiful women. Their evening usually starts with a dinner at around 21:00. They also have their own dancers, which perform a dinner show, along with some live music performances. Expect the place to get busy from 23:00. The DJ plays Russian and international pop and a “vedushi, an animator, will run around with a microphone and push the mainly Russian crowd. This is a hangout of the rich and beautiful. You should reserve a table upfront (we can help with that) and respect their dress code. A shirt and good shoes (no sneakers) are required.

The Toy – Rochdelskaya St, 15 Str 44 – Book your table at The Toy online.
Dresscode: Smart Casual (good shoes, shirt required!)

Moscow Top Nightlife Picks - The Toy
Inside THE TOY

Oblaka seems to be back! During the past months we had various bad feedback from clients and we had to take it out of our list. Now it seems to be busy on Thursdays again. It would be a nice venue, if there wouldn’t be the long drive to get to there. It is located on the roof of a shopping center, not far from the outter Moscow MKAD highway ring and it will take you 30-40 min to get there from the city center. The location is also the venues USP. It is only a short drive from the “Rublovka” area, were Moscows rich and beautiful have their houses. So instead of driving into the center for a party, they just go to Oblaka. The venue has various floors and one is the party floor with commercial house and Russian pop music, as well as dance shows.

Oblaka – Kutuzovsky Prospect, 48 – “Vremena Goda” Shopping Center – Dresscode: Elegant, Fashionable, Smart Casual

Inside – OBLAKA

Propaganda’s Thursdays are legendary for more than 20 years and still worth a visit. This is not your place, if you prefer pop music and glamorous people. Propagandas audience is a big mix of everything, but most of them are positive and hey, the drinks are deadly cheap at Propaganda. Expect some of the best deep tech house DJs in town to play that night, as well as a special guest from elsewhere. Its good from midnight (00:00) and closes at 06:00.

Propaganda Club – 7 Bolshoi Zlatoustinskiy Pereulok – Metro: Kitai Gorod. – No table bookings available. – Good from midnight!

Moscow Top Nightlife Picks - Propaganda
Inside – PROPAGANDA Thursdays with Sanchez

Dissident picks up the leftovers from Propaganda at 5:00 and runs its special Friday morning after-hour party until 10:00 or even 12:00.  This party became good and busy recently. It is worth a visit, if you can still stand at that time. Expect some minimal and Rumanian minimal music, but sometimes even some deep tech.

Dissident – Chistoprudny Blvd, 25 – No table bookings available. Cover Fee during weekends.

Inside – DISSIDENT (Thursday to Friday morning)

Friday – Saturday

For the glam & posh, you can start your pre-party at The Toy or Lesnoy, while The Toy continues to be thriving busy until the morning and you can just jump right to the afterparty from there. Another busy Russian music pre-party venue is Magadan.

The Toy – Rochdelskaya St, 15 Str 44 – Book your table at The Toy online.
Dresscode: Smart Casual (good shoes, shirt required!)

Lesnoy – Lesnaya Ulitsa, 20, Str 5 – Inside the Depo Complex

Magadan – Kutuzovsky Ave, 12-1 – Inside the factory complex (turn right)

Moscow Top Nightlife Picks - Lesnoy
Inside – LESNOY (Depot)

From 1:00 the clubs will get busy and thrive until the morning (typically 6-7:00 am).

ICON is still alive and kicking. Expect Russian pop and commercial house. Some dance shows and their animator “Arthur” to blast a few Hey Hey’s into the microphone, while you’re dancing. ICON is one of the largest clubs in town. You will find lots of girls from the suburbs, which are searching for their golden prince on a horse.

Icon Club – Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya, 9, Str. 1 – Book your table online with us now and get a discount on the minimum spend / deposit!

Moscow Top Nightlife Picks - Icon
Inside – ICON CLUB

Kisa Bar is another trendy spot. The music concept seems to be “Retro”. You can expect to hear “Toto” or other evergreens, giving you a good mood smile. The venue is popular with a fashionable crowd and you can expect a lot of hipsteresque (do they still exist?) crowd. Kisa is getting busy from 1:00, but don’t come too late, there is usually a line infront of the door and their “face-control” is becoming picky.

Kisa Bar – Rochdelskaya St, 15c8 – The entrance is on the main street on Rochdelskaya, not inside the factory, as google or other map services may tell you. – Book your table at Kisa Bar online or via WhatsApp now!

Moscow Top Nightlife Picks - Kisa Bar
Inside – KISA BAR

Kvartira, next door of Kisa, is a secret spot and one of the hardest doors in town. You probably won’t get inside, if you don’t have a connection, which opens the door for you. The place is made like an apartment with a fireplace in the living room and the kitchen being the bar. Its filled with lots of beautiful women and a 40+ party crowd. Private Jet owners and the alike. The ones, which used to party in legendary places like Krysha Mira or (the old) Mix Club, but got older. This place is always packed and busy until 5:00 – 6:00. It is also a good tip for Thursdays, if you can manage to open the door.

Kvartira – Secret Address – Book your table at Kvartira online now!
… and we’ll give you the address and open the door for you.

Moscow's Top - Kvartira

Mendeleev Bar just turned 6 years and is still kickin’. We have been with them since the very beginning. It was one of Moscows first speak easy bars and has some of the best bar keepers in town. If you worked at Mendeleev you can find a job in any bar and teach newbies, because Mendeleevs standards are so high. My favorite cocktail there is the Whiskey Sour, a classic. The audience is made from businessmen and bankers, but also mixed with an underground crowd. Expect a lot of girls as well. The music is deep tech. The clubs (yes, its not only a bar, but features a dancefloor) art director is Mike Spririt, who used to be the Music Minister at the all famous Kazantip Festival and is known for his internationally known Russian record label “Highway Records”. They usually also have some very good guest DJs from abroad, often from Berlin or Ibiza. In case you wonder, why so many people use that door to the kitchen and office, it is also the entry to their VIP Room, but there is no chance you can get in there without a personal invitation from the owner. Our Concierge Service can make it work.

Mendeleev Bar – Petrovka Ulitsa, 20/1 – Look for the Chinese kitchen “Lucky Noodles”. Mendeleev’s entrance is hidden inside of Lucky Noodles, also if it doesn’t look like this. Good from midnight until 05:00 on weekends.

Book your table at Mendleev online and get the best table from us!

Moscow Top Nightlife Picks - Mendeleev Bar

Noor Bar is the hangout of the artists. Their bar is excellent but way to slow, especially during the prime time. Our advice. Order a bottle of wine or prosecco, so you are covered for a while, instead of standing at the bar for 20 min to wait for your drink. The audience is made of actors, dancers, artists of all colors, as well as some trendy Moscovites and of course the occasional foreigner. The music is electronic and often experimental. Now and then they have parties with Russian retro music or even Reggae. Noor Bar is always a good start into the night, but also worth a visit during prime time, if you crave this kind of sophisticated artistic crowd.

Noor Bar – Tverskaya Ulitsa 23 – Good from 23:00 during weekends.

Moscow Top Picks - Noor Bar
Inside – NOOR BAR

SOHO Rooms is becoming busy again during these months. It is worth a visit, especially if they have one of their special concerts of DJ gigs in the club. Unfortunately, the party ends early at around 3:00 these days. It starts at around 00:00.

SOHO Rooms – Savvinskaya Nabereznaya 12/8 – Book your table at SOHO Rooms with us now!

Moscow Top Picks - SOHO Rooms

ZaVarka is located, where Jagger used to be and its becoming popular with a younger, but posh, crowd. It features pop music and commercial house. Expect a lot of girls from the suburbs there. Their table prices are reasonable, compared to their sister venue Secret Room, which is just located next door. Secret Room features RnB and Hip Hop, often with a Russian touch, which may not be every bodies cup of tea. Secret Room is a very popular venue with Moscows rich and beautiful. Expect an extravagant party with Champagne and Caviar. And of course, lots of models and beautiful girls.

Zavarka – Rochdelskaya Ulitsa 15 Str 30. Inside of the factory complex. Where “Jagger” used to be many years. Book your table online at Zavarka now!

Secret Room – Rochdelskaya Ulitsa 15 Str 30. You can only enter with a table booking. Get special conditions and the best table: Book your table at Secret Rooms Moscow online here.

Moscow Top Picks - Secret Room

Mutabor is the favorite hangout of the underground in Moscow these days. The project of the former ARMA17 makers has different rooms with different DJs and music styles. Expect a black dressed crowd, searching for its own Berghain in Moscow, although Mutabor is far from that 😉

Mutabor – Sharikopodshipnikovskaya St., 13, s32 – No table bookings available. Underground dresscode.

Moscow Top Picks - Mutabor
Inside – MUTABOR

The After-Hour

The commercial after-hour for everyone is at Mix Club. It’s easy to get inside and you pay just a 500 Rubel cover fee. Expect lots of “funny” people and girls. They play a deep tech house music mix. Unfortunately, also lots of prostitutes, hunting for clients.

Miks Club – Kutuzovsky Ave, 12, стр. 1 – Book your table at Mix / Miks Club online.

Fantomas is usually opened as a summer terrace, but this season they roofed it. Fantomas really developed into an alternative to Gazgolder, which is our favorite after hour club in Moscow. Both clubs are not always open, so better check their Facebook Pages, before you go. Both want a hefty 1000 to 1500 Rub cover fee to get inside and both have a “face-control” which can be challenging to pass, especially if you are not dressed right or too drunk. Expect a good mix of people. Heading to these clubs from all kinds of parties throughout the city. Many barkeepers and DJs go there, after their work ends. These clubs usually get busy at around 4:00 or 5:00 and they close anywhere from 10:00 but can very well be opened up to 18:00 in the evening, if there are enough people left.

Chateau de Fantomas – Bolotnaya Nab. 3 Str 4 – Book your table at Fantomas online here.

Gazgolder Club – Lower Susalny Lane 5 page 26 – Book your table in Gazgolder online here.

Moscow Top Club Picks - Fantomas
Moscow Top Picks - Gazgolder

We talked about Dissidents Friday morning sessions before. It is also worth a visit during the weekend and they even have a Sunday to Monday morning session, which is usually well visited. Dissident often doesn’t even start until Noon (12:00) so better check their Facebook page, before you go there.

Dissident – Chistoprudny Blvd, 25 – No table bookings available. Cover Fee during weekends.

Moscow Top Picks - Dissident

WARNING! Drugs & Police

A piece of advice for all of these after-hour places. Especially at Gazgolder, Fantomas and Dissident. Russia has a zero-tolerance policy towards drugs and the police positions itself just infront of the clubs waiting for you. They also make checks on popular roads to these after hour clubs and even check Taxis and Business Cars. They check people who go in or leave the club for drugs. Not only infront, but also a few hundred meters away. There were serveral arrests in the media during the past months. Including 2 English guys, who were cought with Methedrone next to a club in the morning. We have been checked ourselves frequently, even just walking on the streets, far from a famous club. So better be careful, if you are planning on taking anything with you.


Propagandas China Town Party is the cities most known gay party and happening every Sunday. You will not only find boys there, but also lots of beautiful girls and the occasional top model. Naomi Campbell used to hang out there, during her time with a Moscow billioniare a few years ago.

If the gay crowd is not your thing, then there is Secret Room. Every client we sent there, was wowed by this Sunday party, which usually lasts until 6:00 am in the morning. Secret Room is definately the favorite Sunday hangout of the Rich & Beautiful in Moscow. Especially the ones, which don’t have to work on Monday. Expect lots of beautiful girls and not all of them are wifes or mistresses of an oligarch.

For the ones, who prefer the underground or something more casual there is always Dissident with its Sunday to Morning party. Usually this also goes until 6:00 am.

(Sex) Special

And there is KINKY Party. It is usually happening once a month at Pravda Club or Dissident and Moscows hottest party. The organizers do a pre-facecontrol before they will allow you to buy a ticket. About 5000 people apply for a party, but only a few get inside. Tickets start from 3000-5000 Rub. And even if you have one, you need to pass the check of one of the organizers at the door. A cool and sexy costume is mandatory for this party. So, what is KINKY? Its an erotic party with lots of shows and good music. Expect some deep tech, Berlin style. There are 500-600 people in fetish costumes, playing with each other and dancing all night until 7:00. The scene is very friendly and open to newcomers, as long as they play by their rules (e.g. No means No!). Check their Facebook Page or Website for more information and to find out about the next Kinky Party.

Do you want us to open the doors for the KINKY party for you? You can book a table with us or ask our concierge service to get you inside.

or apply like everyone else on their website:

Moscows Top venues - Kinky Party
Inside – KINKY Party

Written by Chris Helmbrecht

DJ. Writer. TV.

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