While the rest of Europe is on shut down, because of COVID-19, Moscow remains open. We had a nightlife and restaurant curfew until the end of January 2021, but now everything is open and its business as usual. You can party all night in Moscow!

Unrestricted Access to Moscow Clubs

That means you can enjoy unrestricted access to all Moscow nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Some places require you to wear a mask, when you enter, but you can take it off inside (if you want to).

Party in Moscow!

During the lockdown and restricted time last year, a lot of venues have closed or are on pause. Some new ones appeared and towards spring and summer, there will be more opening. Feel free to drop us a message on WhatsApp or mail us, if you want to know, what is open and you need some recommendations. We are out every weekend and can tell you, where to find a good party.

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Again! Moscow is open!

Cafes in Moscow are open!
Restaurants in Moscow are open!
Bars in Moscow are open!
Clubs in Moscow are open!
After-hour Clubs in Moscow are open!
Strip-clubs in Moscow are open!

The Moscow Party Week

Even before COVID-19 the nightlife of Moscow only started on Thursday and goes (including) until Sunday. We can give you recommendations for each day. Unfortunately Monday to Wednesday are rather slow, but we can still give you some recommendations and also free access to some of Moscow’s best gentleman clubs.

Book NOW! or +7 985 114 9695 (WhatsApp, SMS)

You can fly in!

Currently we are serving guests from Switzerland, the Emirates, Turkey and India. Everyone is welcome!

Be aware, that despite the low infection numbers, communicated by the Russian government, Moscow is still Europe’s largest city and there is a high risk of catching the virus, when you are out partying. On the contrary, none of our recent guests got infected, when they were here on a party-trip.

Most venues check their guests and also measure temperature on entrance to give at least a minimum of protection to the other guests.

Welcome back to Moscow!

That being said, we are happy to see you back in Moscow (or for the first time). Write us, if you have questions and please have a look at our main website www.Moscowclubs.com where we explain our services in detail. Table bookings at our partner venues / clubs are free of charge and we give you free entry passes to some of Moscows best stripclubs. Just write us!

Book NOW! or +7 985 114 9695 (WhatsApp, SMS)

Have a look at our Trust Pilot ratings!

Written by Chris Helmbrecht

DJ. Writer. TV.

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